Data modelling and Relational database design

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Modern database and applications development software is so easy to use that  many  people  can  quickly  learn  to   implement  a  simple  database  and  develop  simple  applications  within  a  week  or  so,  without  giving  design  much thought. As data volume grows and when users request addition functionality, they might incorrectly add columns in table since appropriate database design is not available. This  not only causes data redundancy in database but also can cause performance issue to application and database as well. Ultimately, due to poor database design, the business would be the loser.

A good database design not only avoids data redundancy but also improves database performance over period of time as the database volume grows and when business changes are requested , it would be far more easier to understand as where to make the appropriate changes in the Database. The data modelling and database design is like a building blue print and ultimately it would  make application users happy and business would benefit.

Have published as course in Udemy. This course uses the Oracle SQL Data modeler extensively to discuss and demonstrate  Database modelling  and Database design.

Oracle SQL Data modeler is a tool, which make learning Data modelling and Database design much easier and also provides you with  a professional approach design database for business application effectively to plan, develop, implement and maintain them on an ongoing process.
In this course you would learn:
  • Process Modelling
    • Develop a Data Flow Diagram by identifying processes, external agents, information stores and information flows that show how the information flows  Business flow Diagram
  • Logical Model
    • Create an Entity Relationship Diagram by identifying entities, attributes, relationships.
    • Normalize the Entity Relationship Diagram to third Normal form

  • Relational Model
    • Validate  Logical and Relational Model through Design rules
    • Engineer the Entity Relationship Model into an relational database design
    • Complete the Physical Model and generate the DDL scripts
Finally, at the end of the course, you would understand the importance of data modelling and database design.

To know more about this course, please  click here to know more details and for enrollment in the course

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Linux, Unix essential and basic of shell scripting

Friday, December 21, 2018

Linux and Unix is one among the preferred operating system due to multiple unique features including being open source.

With advent of Internet of things, the Linux skill demand would be growing, the primary reason being IoT device have constrained resources, such as memory and processor. Linux is not only open source, but being light weight and not virus prone, it's the most preferred as IOT device OS.

Happy to announce the launch of course in Udemy on Linux, Unix essentials. This course covers Linux, Unix command line - commands which are essential towards learning the OS and it also teaches Bash Shell scripting.

 Ideally suited for beginner to get started to progress to become an expert.

click here to know more details and for enrollment in the course

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Managing Project with Oracle Primavera P6 Professional

Friday, November 23, 2018

For managing projects, there are software applications which would help project team to plan, execute and control projects.

As the project gets executed project progress needs to be updated , its critical scheduled and budget are managed as per baseline set at the start of the project. Towards this, project manager has to be perform earned value analysis from time to time and take corrective actions when required

Also, importantly risk, issues needs to analyzed tracked throughout the project life-cycle.

Towards, all this one need to have a software application which support all this. Oracle Primavera is one such tool, which can perform all these tasks quite effectively right from initiation for the project till closure of the project

Have recently launched the course about Oracle primavera. The same can be accessed at Udemy. click here to know more details about the course

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Internet of things - Demystified

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Internet of things is one area, which I have been focusing on last few years

It is predicted that 30 billion devices would be connected by 2023, from the present 15 billion devices. This would create huge opportunity potential for IOT and machine learning experts as well. Moreover, the source data or data set for machine learning are likely to be from IOT system. While machine learning or AI would be is around algorithm, IOT would be combination of electrical, electronic and software programming.

Quite happy to announce that, I was able to create the course passionately and launched it as online digital on demand course in Udemy.

It's one unique covers that, it covers the commonly used IOT devices such as - Arduino UNO, ESP8266 NODE MCU and Raspberry Pi 3. Interestingly, for ESP8266 NODE MCU has extensively used micro python firmware. The course also guides one as how to flash micropython.

Now, offering introductory discount on the list price. Please refer link for more details and about the introductory pricing. 

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PMP certification: Approach, Flash card and Mock exams.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

You might be interested PMP or CAPM certification, but not sure where and how to start ?

This course not only provide the approach achieve your certification in a projectized way, but also you can test your knowledge as you progress through flash card and two mock exams. By taking this approach, you can confidently appear for exam. Alternatively, if you are already on your way to certification through preparation, you can then test your knowledge through use of flash cards and take up the scenario type PMBOK6 based online mock exams. Face the real PMP exams with enhanced confidence.

  •  Approach : Help you to know more about the PMP/CAPM certification. 
  •  Flash cards : You can test your knowledge to check your understanding on critical project management concepts and terminology from PMBOK6 perspective. 
  •  Mock exams: It has real online scenario type multiple questions, this will assist you in preparing yourself for for actual PMP exams. The mock exams also has explanation for answer where ever essentials. 
 More importantly, the mock exams are uniquely designed, so as to provide the features, look and feel of the real exam.
It has feature such Timer with number of question answered indicator Skip question or mark for review.

 Now, offering this course at introductory discounted price. Please refer link for details

 More importantly its all on-line.

 Happy learning!!!

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Software Project Management with MS projects professional

Sunday, August 19, 2018

After a long gap, posting about the new online course on " Software Project Management with MS project". This course covers waterfall, Agile and Kanban methodology

 Proving introductory offer for the course, please visit the page link for details and discounted price

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Explore - Andaman Island - Part 2

Sunday, October 4, 2015

This is the 2nd part of my review on Andaman islands.
Day 2 (Contd): Once we reached Havelock island, we had a pre-determined schedule to reach Radhanagar beach, which is supposed to be one of the scenic beach. One can take a bus from the Jetty or Auto / Taxi. It’s about 10 kms from the Jetty and most of the place on the route is surrounded by greenery.

When we reached the beach, weather was very pleasant with slight drizzle and not much crowded. The shore was mesmerizingly serene and beautiful and sent our time gazing the shore line and the vast ocean in the front.

One can easily send 2 or 3 hours here. The only drawback is that you may not find a neat restaurant nearby and all were road side eateries.

After sending few hours, we returned to the jetty around 2:30 PM for our return journey to Port Blair. We found the sea rough is the afternoon and the jerk in the ship was much more than the morning. The cruise reached Port Blair around 6:00 PM in the evening. It was a quite tiring day and did not get out of our Room once we reached the hotel.

If you wish to experience travel by Ship, then would suggest taking up this travel, preferably ‘Green Ocean’ as you can move around in the open in the ship deck. Since it’s a short trip of about 2 hours, you might relish the travel by ship. It's stated the other cruise is made of more of fibre glass, while 'Green ocean' is more of ship like construct and hence more rugged for rough seas

Day 3: We had booked a cab to Wandoor beach. This is about 30 KM from Port Blair city, once we crossed 15 km, the roads were narrow, deserted with greenery all around. The cab driver spotted few pounds and indicated they were created during Tsunami in 2004 and we reached Wandoor beach in about an hour’s time. Though the shore line was small, we could see the beauty after nature in front of us. The beach was quite clean and to our mesmerizing eyes, we were able to spot 12~15 inhabited islands which further enhanced the beauty.

The weather was also pleasant and hence was able to spend close to 2 hours. Started our return journey to Port Blair by afternoon. Weather was nice and cool and once we retired to room after our lunch, it was difficult to get out from the bed.

I had to push my family and based on review we decide to go to Samudrika Museum. This is maintained by Navy and though it was not huge, it worth the visit. One would come to know the history of Andaman, the people particularly the tribal people in Andaman & the flora and fauna particularly the sea life. It has good collection of amazing fish varieties, shell collections and sea weeds.

One can spend about an hour and later took an auto to Aberdeen jetty. As it was low tide time, we could spot star fish, army of unique fish varieties, sea weeds on the artificial lake formation due low tide.

Day 4: As we had flight scheduled by 3:00 PM, we planned to go to Cellular jail in the morning. This place is quite near to Sun Sea resort and hence took an auto. It’s worth a visit to know about Indian freedom fighter and early days of Andaman.

Post lunch left to Airport for our travel back to Chennai.
One point is that, one can customize his trip accordingly one choice based on the number of days one can spend at Port Blair and their interest.

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