Hinduism - Part 2.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why does Hinduism have so many gods?. This is the one of the question normally asked. I have heard many answers, but, I thought of giving my own answer. 'Hinduism' is one amongst the oldest living religion date back to millions of years. As per Hindu mythology there are four yugas' namely Satyayuga (golden age),Tretha yuga(silver age), Dwapura Yuga(bronze age) and currently we are in Kaliyuga(Iron age).

Many of the god's incarnation in form of human happened over these yugas. As a matter of fact, god maha Vishnu has so far had 9 incarnation (out of 10) in his total of 10 Desaavatharam.

Hence, as Hinduism dates back to millions of years, each time their was incarnation of god into human and fought over the evil. This could have given new name for god. Further, all Hindu mythology god has associated biography behind it.

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