Indian Cricket team - Strategic management needed #$#!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

With Indian team loosing out against Australia without any fight, a weird thought came to my mind. Is it weird?!!!.. may not be,......... might be a strategic management, the need of the hour ... .. : ).


If corporates can has strategy to sell their products and so is the army having strategy  to win wars, then why not the Indian cricket board  have strategy. Here goes the strategic suggestion...

The cricket board should have two teams,

Team A : All stalwart players, these players will play only at home series and they would be in position to win all matches including ODI world cups, T20, 10's , test etc. Apart from home series matches with wins, they can concentrate on advertisement, sponsorship and earn for themself and board.

Team B : All the rookie players, these players would only play at abroad series. In this case, there is nothing to loose and even if they loose one can always says the team is without experienced player and if they win the series, the best performers can be graduated to A team.

Won't this be win - win strategy plan #%???!!. :)

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