The Phoenix Market City, Chennai

Saturday, January 26, 2013

In last 4 to 5 years, there have been quite a few malls which have come up in Chennai. The latest addition is ‘The Phoenix Market City’ Mall at Velachery. This is supposed to be one among the biggest mall is South India with a stated measurement of over 2 Million sq feet and it had surpassed Express Avenue mall, Rayapettah in size.

Being near to my apartment(approx 1 Km), once I heard that mall is opened,  visited the mall yesterday evening. Yes… it was open and understood from information desk, it’s a ‘soft’ open (I was wrong in thinking only IT / management folks use jargon)….. So what would be ‘hard’ open?..... looks like that would be the 'official' opening :-).

Since, there was no official announcement and being a week day evening not much of crowd around in the mall. Interestingly, one can find Jewelry and saree outlet (RMKV) in the mall and so is food joint ‘Nandoos’, which is yet to open. Use to have food at ‘Nandoos’ during my project stint at South Africa couple of years back. 

Looks quite huge, however not all outlets are open, many are doing their interior including the hyper market – Big bazaar. In addition to this, the complex is expected to have a hotel and residential apartments too for which construction is being carried out. 

hmmmm…..In a month time, this spot at Velachery would become a popular destination at Chennai. 

Aside to this, to a social conscious mind, just wondering with each passing year, there has been an increase deficit in electricity availability in the state, further with many more buildings coming up, just wondering as where the state would be heading towards in next few years on electricity requirement?. Another one is traffic, this could turn out to be a major bottle neck at the entrance side, once the entire complex becomes operational near check post at the Velachery main road, as already this road becomes chocked of traffic during peak hours.

Anyways, Velachery is becoming a city by itself, one may not need to step out of Velachery for their needs. From a personal perspective, once in a month visit to Express Avenue mall may not happen in the future.

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