Ambi pur mini vent clip - A review

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Had earlier written a post about Ambipur vent clip ( click here to read). I had first received a sample at Ambipur – indiblogger meet at Chennai in last week of May 2013. Now, it’s time to write about my experience in using Ambi pur car vent clip. Post receiving the sample in May, had procured Ambipur vent clip twice and here is my experience associated with usage of Ambipur.
Design: Unique and one of its kind, could not find an alternative in similar design. 100%* would be my grading for design.

Flexibility: By flexibility, I meant removing as per one wish and closing the unit. It would be 100%* since, one would be able to remove it as per wish and adjust the perfume output as well.

Quality: A perfume needs last for duration is mentioned in specs. Further, Ambipur is said to neutralize bad odor and per spec it is said to last for 30 day. The fragrance is very pleasant, but to me in the last few days (about a week) of its vent clip life, it was not that effective, could not really realize its presence. Hence would grade it as 80%*.

Cost: This is one point, which I am not able to find much justification. The 2ml vent clip cost INR 200 for 30 days, while you get 7 ml of old model for 45 days for INR 200. Similarly I received a sample Ambipur set and refresh 5 ml for 60 days to be at INR 200, which is can be used at home and office. I really do not see a justification as why 2ml Ambi pur vent clip lasting 30 days need to be priced at INR 200?. On top of this, the old model car Ambipur kit and Ambi pur set and refresh models also has option of refills as well. Hence, I feel pricing wise, Ambi pur vent clip is slightly over priced and  my rating is 50 ~ 60% *. The rating is not due to competition pricing, but Ambipur pricing ambiguity among its products.

In fact, I am planning to use Ambipur set and refresh pack in my car in future due to its economic pricing.

Availability: I found vent clips not freely available in department stores. The old model car fragrance and Ambipur set and refresh more commonly available. The rating is 70%*.

Across the globe everyone knows how challenging it would be to drive a car in India cities particularly during peak hours. Driving a car with Ambipur will not only make the drive from 'smelly to smiles', it could transform your mood from ‘ratty to relax' and truly you will feel as though you are on a holiday!

  •  Note: The rating are my own mind parameter, user can have their own discretion if , they do not accept the rating. There may not be any fact associated with rating. :-)

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Shopping : Future predictions.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The shopping methods had evolved over the years. When internet become available globally in 90's I still remember, it was just static website designed and used for product promotion or as in information about availability of products or offering. There was no search engine to look upon to search information. Search engines and then, came commercial transactions through website later in early 2000s.

In later part of 2000's there were independent sites which used to collate products offered by various manufacturers under specific product space, which were like a telephone yellow pages. The yellow pages were common used in 1990’s for business to business requirement. 

As we progressed over time, changes happened, there were more interaction with different device and systems started happening. No more it’s just the website, the website interacts with bank or credit card site and further towards enhancing the security these days we find OTP (one time password code sent to mobile device) for user log in. 

Now, if one looks into the future online shopping system, it’s definitely not going to be standalone application, it will have apps or interface protocol through which it needs to communicate with range of devices and systems, then the business logic needs to analyze, provide a intelligent response to requester though touch of button. By next decade and so, without getting out of once place, one can get the best product and best fit product in matter of few minutes. It’s just being survival of the fittest and necessary intelligence would be built into system to offer the best.

 How is this going to happen?
First and foremost, in about fifteen year are so, we would have ‘WWUI’ in place. 

What’s WWUI?

I call it ‘worldwide unique identifier’ for humans. Each one will have a ‘worldwide unique identifier’ in an encoded machine readable form. This WWUI consists of one’s retina and fore finger images impression captured through a high resolution biometric sensor which would be digitally encoded and stored in central worldwide computer server governed by ANUIO (All nations unique identifier organization - global welfare organization supported and funded by participating countries governments federal banks). There would be agreed protocol interface, through which any web application can request for already stored unique identifier linked to a person's retina and finger impression.

If one want to check bank balance, all they need to go is go to bank web page and click on log on button. Once this is done the built in high resolution scan camera or biometric sensor in the computer device switches on, scans the finger and retina impression, then the related web application would send scanned image as request signal to central WWUI server and retrieve unique identification number of this person to bank system. If this person has an account in that specific bank and identity matches with unique identification already in bank database, it would automatically log into the user’s banking transaction page and provide banking page for further action. 

The ‘unique identifier’ would also be used for online credit, debit card transaction and ATM. Further this not would not be just for commercial transactions, it would be also used for social media sites like bodybook (similar to current face book) , whistter (similar to current twitter) and voicer ( a new application by 2030, were user can provide product reviews and user experience online).

Worldwide unique identifier system

Eureka !!!….. There would be no need to remember any or multiple passwords or forget, request for password reset or  more critically, there is no cyber crime due to hacking of online system and website.

Now, let’s look at how this is going to be used in online shopping. I would classify the online shopping experience by 2030 like this,

Review sell: If one wants to travel from Chennai to New Delhi. All one need to do is, log into online shopping system which specialize on travel and enter travel location, date of travel and budget available. The portal or application will then crawl through websites and analyze the best fitment travel based on  price, travel mode (check all flights, express buses or trains), tickets available, customer reviews and then, rank the list of all travel options, that can selected by user. It will also analyze the reviews and customer experience and provide a list of ranking fits. Meaning, if there is more negative reviews on various social forum, then site would rank the specific travel option lower.

But, then how do one say reviews are genuinely provided by users?. A valid question indeed.

Well, as I had discussed earlier, even for writing reviews in social web site, the log in process would be through WWUI interface mechanism, so naturally every living individual can have only one account in all the discrete systems and web sites. Hence, naturally reviews would be genuine as it is linked to a specific person. Such review sell process will be applicable for hotel accommodation, certain products as well. Finally, if you wish to purchase, then WWUI interface works with internet banking, credit cards system. So naturally no hacking or password stealing happens. 

Building intelligence  .. for informed purchase decision

Fitment sell: There may be case where, one needs to look for best fit for a person. Say apparels, shoes and other accessories purchase. All these products normally you try or wear before choosing the products. I call this ‘Fitment sell’.

When one is interested in products such as shoes or dress. The biometric sensor in the your system will scan and measure the size of your foot or body according to product need, after which a fitment match is done with shoes or apparels available online for sale and then indicate back not only whether the fitment is right or not, but also it would display on screen as how one would look like wearing the shoes or apparels on screen. This would be the ultimate virtualization. If you feel good to purchase, then it would invoke the WWUI interface for payments.

WWUI, can be extended for retail store outlets sale as well and our wallet could well be free from plastic credit or debit cards.

Well, if one rewinds about decade or two back, very few people knew what internet was all about. From then on, the technology had galloped so very fast that mobile phones, internet has become part and parcel of our life. Hence, in future, I believe we would well have above technology in place particularly to avoid cyber crime and take a well informed decision to purchase a product in matter of few minutes.

** ebay has introduced an ebay application plug in which works with google crome browser. It looks like  business intelligence is built in, to provide a comparable ebay best price for a product even  if you are searching out side ebay. One could explore about the  product by clicking on link  here **

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