Ambi pur mini vent clip - A review

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Had earlier written a post about Ambipur vent clip ( click here to read). I had first received a sample at Ambipur – indiblogger meet at Chennai in last week of May 2013. Now, it’s time to write about my experience in using Ambi pur car vent clip. Post receiving the sample in May, had procured Ambipur vent clip twice and here is my experience associated with usage of Ambipur.
Design: Unique and one of its kind, could not find an alternative in similar design. 100%* would be my grading for design.

Flexibility: By flexibility, I meant removing as per one wish and closing the unit. It would be 100%* since, one would be able to remove it as per wish and adjust the perfume output as well.

Quality: A perfume needs last for duration is mentioned in specs. Further, Ambipur is said to neutralize bad odor and per spec it is said to last for 30 day. The fragrance is very pleasant, but to me in the last few days (about a week) of its vent clip life, it was not that effective, could not really realize its presence. Hence would grade it as 80%*.

Cost: This is one point, which I am not able to find much justification. The 2ml vent clip cost INR 200 for 30 days, while you get 7 ml of old model for 45 days for INR 200. Similarly I received a sample Ambipur set and refresh 5 ml for 60 days to be at INR 200, which is can be used at home and office. I really do not see a justification as why 2ml Ambi pur vent clip lasting 30 days need to be priced at INR 200?. On top of this, the old model car Ambipur kit and Ambi pur set and refresh models also has option of refills as well. Hence, I feel pricing wise, Ambi pur vent clip is slightly over priced and  my rating is 50 ~ 60% *. The rating is not due to competition pricing, but Ambipur pricing ambiguity among its products.

In fact, I am planning to use Ambipur set and refresh pack in my car in future due to its economic pricing.

Availability: I found vent clips not freely available in department stores. The old model car fragrance and Ambipur set and refresh more commonly available. The rating is 70%*.

Across the globe everyone knows how challenging it would be to drive a car in India cities particularly during peak hours. Driving a car with Ambipur will not only make the drive from 'smelly to smiles', it could transform your mood from ‘ratty to relax' and truly you will feel as though you are on a holiday!

  •  Note: The rating are my own mind parameter, user can have their own discretion if , they do not accept the rating. There may not be any fact associated with rating. :-)

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