Evolution & Challenges in Outsourcing....Part 2

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fresh on a Saturday morning, I was wondering the Growth TOP IT services companies in India, and will it be able to continue to Grow the same way?. Considering the current economic scenario it going to be an "uphill" task. IT services and Outsourcing were quite innovative concept for a decade, now there is strong feeling instead of just totally depending on IT services they need to diversify and be more innovative .

  • The top 10 revenue earning IT services companies are sitting on a huge pile of cash (why am I bothered, its not public tax payer money nor am I share holder in this company, but then, was wondering as what could be the likely plan of IT services companies and how they are going to use it?, keeping just as deposit might not be great idea for an enterprise) Hence probably, utilize it to multiply it many times.
  • Set up "Venture Capital" fund and look of for a viable investment options
  • They need to look at product space, companies like Infosys have Banking product to their credit but the revenue earning percentage against IT services, might be pretty less.
  • Ramalinga Raju did it right, to diversify into Infra structure development, unfortunately he commited the grave mistake of fudging the account and cheating the shareholder. This is where he went wrong.
  • The IT services company invest on quality ascepts like CMMi, ISO etc. But, at same time there is not much of investment in R&D or product space. Also look at the Value add the CMMi and ISO provides.

These just my opinion, each one might have their own. Time to introspect......not only the companies, but even those who are involved in IT sectors like employees, contractors and vendors whether the business outsource model is going to be same or is it going to change ?

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