Should You Move to India for a Job?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recently, I read an interesting article in the "Business week".

But, I don't think the author has explored the facts. No doubt, there might more jobs available in India.

Click to read Business week article

I don't think the author has gone to the root cause of the problem, which I believe is the root cause of the problem.

No doubt, there is corruption, bad infrastructure etc. But, still most of the world famous MNC has set up the shops in India and the have recruited only Indian for the job, the reason being we Indians salary is low(when you apply exchange rate). The author is giving example of LIC and some banks, the salary of these employees will not be more than 700 USD per month. Will any western citizen willing to work for that Salary? , even though cost of living is much less in India.

Higher exchange rate of US currency is the main culprit. When US economy in downturn, there is no point in boasting higher exchange rate for USD. If US exchange rate is at 25Rs ( which was the exchange rate in early 90's) per dollar, then there is bound to be growth in US economy otherwise I believe US business will always opt for low cost centre from where they can get higher value for money.

Had earlier written about the same in my blog as well in the month of march. If interested to read more then,

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