Mutual fund mutually beneficial for people with Marketing skills??!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Last couple of years, if you happen to visit any of the private bank and you will find bankers promoting the mutual funds more agressively than bank products like FD.

You are sure to hear the following " This is the right time to enter the market, and these funds ..... have consistantly performing return of % , which is few times more than bank interest" .

Intestingly, I have small amount invested in mutual funds about 3 years back when the sensex was about 11 K, though there has been appreciation but I did not find appreciation to be greater cummulative bank deposit I would have earned in 3 years time, had I invested in FDs. No doubt had the sensex being in the range of 21K, I would have earned handsome return, but there is no gaurantee sensex will increase on the expected lines and there are so many external factors.
Offcourse, the benefit you might have is on the taxation part, even FD offer that benefit is investement is made for a period of 5 years.

But, then why are the bankers interested in pushing mutual funds instead of their own Bank deposit?

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