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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vision India 2020 by Sramana, provides you with insight about 45 business opportunities, what more interesting is that she takes you into the future as how these unique opportunity business will turn out financially in 2020. She had thought through the future, in an interesting manner.

World knows that India has set indelible mark in the world economy. Cost effective outsourcing, manufacturing had been the contributors for the same (probably up to period 2008), this lead to the exodus of people from rural area to tier 1 city. So is India loosing its sheen of over utilizing tier 1 cities?.

Sramana's thought of major activities of business being carried out in small town adds better feasibility to these venture. Naturally, with cost of living in India metro's catching up with the developed countries, it would be a better bet for the entrepreneur to concentrate on small town.

The other point, which was brought in this book, is the usage of rural masses effectively in employment & revenue generation. I believe this is one of the critical dimension which an effective entrepreneur has to look at, in the next decade.

Finally, I wish to add one more dimension of my thought to it, the concept of "virtual office" (similar to Saas - software as a service concept). With high speed communication, video conferencing, mobile connectivity you may soon find people working from home, resort or even beaches and for any business - effective deliverable matters. The interesting point, is that the communication cost with additional features is really coming down over the years and whereas the infrastruture cost like facilities & real estate has been on the increase year after the year. Business at any point of time, looks at cutting cost, virtual office can become a real boon, if effectively utilized.

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