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Friday, April 2, 2010

Is Publishing industry up for a change?.

In the last couple of years, few of the well known newspapers in US has close down it shutters. With advent of TV's into Indian homes couple of decades back started eating up the advertisement revenues for the newspapers and magazine, now advertisment with online magazine through internet should be further taking up their share of advertisement.

If you are a writer, you don't need to depend on paper based magazine to have you article published, you can start your own blog. But, getting readers to your blog can be a challenge but if its a passion you want to write your thoughts you can still do it through your own blog, interestingly starting a blog is free.

Even a new publisher has his own space in web, one don't need to invest much on machinery or on appointing circulation agents to reach out to the public. The publisher can concentrate on the content and publish on the web. As in any business, to become a self sustaining business in e-publishing it might take few years, as the main source of income would be from advertisement. With e-publishing, publisher or writer can combine text and multimedia features, which makes article interesting.

The other fact, is that when one post his article in blog or on online magazine, the comment is linked to the article, interestingly, this will also lead to social networking of like minded people who had responded, unlike paper based publishing where comments can be provided only in subsequent post and the possibilities of establishing contact with comment provider is really remote.

With computer with multimedia facility becoming cheap and internet with good speed even in MB's becoming affordable, I am sure e-publishing would be boon to upcoming writers and publishers.

Happy blogging!!!

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