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Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Small is beautiful" the famous book written by E.F. Schumacher in 1970's, not very sure whether this can be applicable after 3 decade are not, but interestingly, within India, we do have some E-commerce based start up, which was made name in matter of 3 to 4 years times.

These start-up are born from innovative ideas from young techies, who found the need for it. Most of these start up came into existence post 2005, when Internet broadband penetration into India started growing high. Most of them, started as home based office. In India real estate prices in the last 10 years have moved 4 times, so it had been a wise decision for these start up to opt for virtual office and as well as use web as their market place.

These start up had been started by techies, after quiting their well paid job in IT industry . This shows that one need not look beyond India in software services sector, its well on its way to become a self sustaining industry for a small entreprenuer, who has the right attitude and in sight.

I thought of exploring series of E-commerce site which are quite innovative developed entirely for Indian market, the first one being,

Bus ticket booking : If you a looking for bus ticket booking then look out for redbus. Started by Phanindra Sama around 2005, due to the need he had felt on his holiday as he could not get home. If I am right around this time, one would have started using Indian railway ticketing system with a fear in back of my mind whether my transaction would successfully go through, interesting Phanindra Sama, felt the need to a bus ticketing system in 2005.

It really impressive the turn over would reach Rs 150 Crores this year and have about 250 people working at 10 office. I read with interest the interview about his venture in rediff.

The other E-commerce venture which impressed me is apartment management software, which can be classified as SAas (Oh!... yes, you can call this as Software - as - service for free) .

Apartment Management Software: The concept of apartment is not new in India, since 80's the concept was known in metro cities of India. However apartment complex of 100 plus flats had become very common post 2005. There has always been challenges is running an apartment efficiently. Communication, issue management, vendor management, networking had always been challenge for bigger apartments. The apartment management software effectively tackles the problem through their software solution.

In India, you will find rosy advertisement of proving a paradise from real estate builders to promote huge apartment complex, but I don't feel importance is given towards maintenance of these huge complex during their later years. Builders, run the show for one or two years collecting maintenance amount in advance, beyond this, mostly the apartment complex are handed over to the association and this is where these software solution provide transparency and management of apartment in effective way!.

Common floor, justmyneighbour and apartment adda are some of the website which provide effective apartment management solution. The amazing story of commonfloor and the way it was started appeared in outlook business.

Few other such venture impressed me, will be writing about the same next time...Till then, welcome readers opinion.

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