Why not AC compartment in suburb train?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Well, its my first blog article on Chennai, which is more related to railway infrastructure

I happened to travel through Chennai MRTS from Velachery to light house today. Some of my thoughts which flashed on my mind, on which I do not have answers.

  • Why are most of the station from Velachery to Beach remain in-complete, can we not plan for smaller station, if there is going to be an estimated budget overrun and then keep expanding?.
  • I found places dirty and waste dumped all around, can it not be maintained. Don't say the public will not pay for cleanliness, in last couple of years, number of National highway roads has become express ways, which are very nicely maintained and road users pay for the same, like Chennai - Bangalore highways. If it can be done for Road, why not for railways.
  • We see Volvo buses on Chennai, Bangalore road on similar line can a coach not be made A/C on the MRTS train with higher charges collected for the same.

In general Indian railways need to think and raise the bar on service offerings, when national highways is doing it in infrastructure development, why not railways? .

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