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Saturday, June 9, 2012

One needs to have positive frame of mind and feel good factor to work towards achieving one's goal in life. Unfortunately it is not always easy to stay positive, its just not the mind by the environment particularly the people around you and even the place matter in achieving the desired state of mind.

 Most of the times the environment can be static and monotonous. Your office, home with most of the time you interact with same set of people at least 60 to 80% of the time. Definitely the people around you influence your state of mind.

 Though, it may be difficult, to change people around you but you can always make an attempts to influence them.

 There is a famous saying in Tamil. "Ul Ondru vaithu puram ondru pesuvar uravu kalavaami Vendum"

  Meaning of it - Help me to get rid of any association with those whose speeches are contradictory to their thoughts. This is very opt in today's environment. Positive talk or inspirational talks might not help you, if the people around you have different opinion in back of the mind and hence association with right people make the difference.

 Apart from people around you, the materialistic world also take their toll in bringing the negative thoughts. Think of a day when the gadget supports refuses to work for a you, be in it mobile phone, computer, microoven, Vehicle, Washing machine, TV there is a frustration and your mind is more occupied with the thought of bring it back to work.

 Our body need to intake food, absorbs vital vitamins & nutrient and excrete unwanted waste as far as possible. However, we cannot say the same with our mind. Our mind get all inputs both positive and  negative thoughts at all times. A persons outlook depends on what his mind is occupied at most point of time.

 At times places you visit bring you feel good factor and positive frame of mind. This could last till the time you are at the place, however it can bring you a positive feel whenever your recollect or think back about the place. Such positive energy generating place could vary from person to person and depends on a person passion as well.

  Some of the nature's positive vibe pictures to me from my own collection. 

 Disappointment or failures can be common in life. When one faces disappointment, take a step back from the original issue and ask yourself. 

  "Is there a alternative approach to solution ?" and "What is that I need?" 

 Disappointments aren't meant to hurt you or keep you down. They're meant to help you to realize you more and grow you more as time progresses.

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