Cyclone - Neelam

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After Sandy the 'big brother' cyclone lashed NY, Chennai and surrounding area is ready to face the little sister cyclone 'Nilam'.

As per report, Nilam is currently crossing Mahabalipuram from 5.00 PM onwards with gusty wind, the rainfall is less and expected to cross in about 2 hours time.

It has been intermittently raining since yesterday morning at Chennai.

Today, morning we had a bit of sun coming out in morning, however since 2:00 wind speed has increased though its just drizzling.

Had been to terrace of our building at about 6:00 PM and could feel the pressure of the wind, should be in range of 50~70 Kmph. Interesting, to see clouds just moving across in great speed.

Power has been shot down most part of city.

Chennai had received 50% excess rainfall since start of North east monsoon around Oct 20th and as usual the Chennai's infrastructure woes continues due to rains. Further, fortunately rainfall is pretty less while Nilam is crossing.

Lets hope we receive lesser rainfall in the next few days, as we are approaching 'Deepavali', otherwise Chennai would just float.

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