Where is my India?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Where is my India? - This is statement put up by one of the leading news TV channels in the last few days, after the brutal crime happened at the capital in mid December 2012. Without losing time, the guilty need to be punished at the earliest.

The matter should not end with this, the question "Where is my India?" should act as a trigger at this point of time to bring in necessary reforms. About couple of decade back, Doordarshan and news papers where the only source of ‘news’ for public. Everyone is aware of quality of news produced by Doordarshan and even though news paper were privately run provided better coverage of news, unfortunately, one was not getting a complete 360 degree view point about the happenings and communication was one way.

Opening up of economy, evolved the media sector. 90’s saw growth of private TV channel, but the focus of these private channel was on entertainment , as the thought would have been only entertainment would provide sustainable business model for these media channel. Hence, the focus was not on quality of news provided OR analysis of news.

Come 2005, exclusive news channels were born. These news channels started providing a 360 degree view point of news and there has been no hiding of information. For any kind of major incidence happening in India, the media channel is there to provide the necessary information across India. In addition to news channels, the communication facilities and options like mobile, facebook and twitter has provided faster dissemination of information with support evidences.

Reforms in economy alone would not benefit the country, there needs to reforms all around, keeping in mind many factors and has to happen quickly. As this did not happen, some of the sectors have changed drastically due to technology, opening up of economy and professionalism while many sectors are resisting changes to happen. Some sectors in India have moved forward, while some others lag way behind. Anyways its matter of time, changes happen for good. After all, change is the only permanent thing, none can prevent it.

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