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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some time back, had written a blog post on telecommute and cloud computing Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3. The associated links provides detailing on telecommute and cloud computing, it’s also critical, one need to have proper support system to make telecommute and cloud computing successful.

We might well be moving away from human physical presence model of business at Office to a virtual business model, where business associate could be spread across the world. The reason, I called them as business associate is that, these folks would be experts in field and come together to accomplish a specific work after which they could move out. This could well mean in high technology oriented organization, could move more from employee based to a business partner based model in future.

In manufacturing there is concept called 'Lean' process of manufacturing, which is basically increasing productivity and reducing waste, well... we could evolve into a 'Lean' business model, where every resource need to be engaged only if essential.

Business, in prevailing global market - has to watch out competition, optimum price, low cost prototype development and production so as to sustain and grow. Moving people across globe from time to time will not only involve cost but also time and effort to adapt to geography. Business these days have to be ahead of competition, this can be possible only when all business associates have work collaboratively and stay connected.

For an entrepreneur to plan and execute, he should keep himself abreast with work carried out by virtual teams from anywhere across the globe. No longer has team to be physically present at same place to carry out work, they may be at different places and be much more productive through use of latest innovative tools and techniques.

If we ask our self , a question as why we need to present in office, the answer could be meeting, effective communication, collaboratively passing work from one to other dept till it becomes a tangible product, more importantly there need to appropriate control and change of plan as desired.

Can this be accomplished with team spread across at different place of globe and even have expert team member working from home?. This is where usage of high speed internet and effective office or project automation tools could plays its part.

Evolution of internet has brought in products like video conferencing, document holder, planning and execution of work, workflow based automation and assignment of work at appropriate time, business intelligent status reporting. It started with different discrete products doing these work and at time, once physical presence is required at certain location to utilize it.

However, Office product such as office365 makes it possible to accomplish this from your laptop or mobile computing device.

Early 90's usage of internet revolution the way of communication through emails, 2000's was about outsource model of collaborative work done - however interactive communication in form of video and audio, work flow planning and execution was remaining evasive and I believe usage of cloud computing and necessary application software towards bring control in collaboration could start next revolution in IT industry.

A dream company could have product or service conceptualized in America, designed in Germany, prototyped in China or Hong Kong and finally processed or manufactured in India, such approach is made possible through office365 application software. By using these products, one can truly claim their products to be “Made in Universe".

The future of the technology industry lies in transforming traditional outsourcing into higher-value services that solve business problems with technology innovations.

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