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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The general life trend in an Indian youth's career has changed over the years, particularly graduates of engineering  colleges.  But, always there are exceptions.
1970's to 80:
  • Engineering degree was still a male bastion, with few exception.
  • Preferred jobs in Railways, Telephones, TNEB and public sectors like BHEL, BEL.
  • Once in job, book 'Bajaj' scooter which take 7 years to delivery. 
  • Save excess money towards taking delivery of ' Hamara Bajaj' Scooter and marriage.
  • Post Marriage save money for kids education.
  • 'Loan' for personal use from  Bank is unheard.
  • Close to retirement, plan to buy house from saving.

1980's to 90's.

  • Girls prefer Engineering too. Yes, both are equal, what's wrong. Engineering is no longer a male bastion.
  • Preferred jobs still in public sector and some in large private sectors.
  • If Parents not dependent, if one is good in studies look at going abroad for post graduation. No worries, if stipend not available ready to work in Petrol banks, stores.
  • Still 'Loan' for personal use be it home, consumer, education not available. 'Loan' from Public sector bank are only for Commerce & Industry.
  • 'Body shopping', 'H1 stamping' is widely discussed, if one has couple of years experience. 'H1 stamping' is treated as a life time achievement and probably, the eligibility for marriage.

2000's and beyond.

  • Layoff or recruitment freeze in Public sector.
  • Whatever be the field of engineering study, preferred jobs are  from so called 'Tier 1' IT services company.
  • Yes, campus recruitment and who is bothered about whats the job role. Experience matters.
  • Private banks enter Indian market, with door step services for all loan needs be it home, consumer, personal. Hold on, bank did not advertise door step services, if you want to make part payment later.
  • Word such as 'Body shopping', 'H1 stamping' looses charm. The word 'EMI' is widely known and available for whatever you want.... right  from baby birth till the end.  Yes, includes the recent addition of education loan too....
  • Once in job, buy a smart phone(size of laptop) for text ting and browsing wherever you are. Can't waste time. Ensure to change every six months to a year.
  • Few years in jobs, buy a house - more due to parents and peer pressure, preferably with metro city pin code and a car as well. Yes, otherwise real estate will go up every month - inputs from well-wishers and off-course purchase is through bank loan ranging  10 to 30 years.  Hmm... start working to feed the bank !!?!! ..............meant EMI.
  • Few more years on... with husband and wife both working, debate about who will take care of kids. No worries SOS parents to take turn to take care of kids.
  • 'Saving'.... where?.... money disappears to service EMI, life needs and off course the ever increasing inflation......
Already, you should have started hearing about 'Reverse Mortgage' option of house for senior citizen. 
Yes, Banks are innovative and would continue to offer door step services for all loans needs at whatever stage of life, if you are able to work or make your assets work for bank and you..... at any time or any where..

Yes.. its all 'virtual reality', I own everything but its not mine ......................... (Hypothecated to bank :-) ... ). 

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