Explore - Andaman Island - Part 2

Sunday, October 4, 2015

This is the 2nd part of my review on Andaman islands.
Day 2 (Contd): Once we reached Havelock island, we had a pre-determined schedule to reach Radhanagar beach, which is supposed to be one of the scenic beach. One can take a bus from the Jetty or Auto / Taxi. It’s about 10 kms from the Jetty and most of the place on the route is surrounded by greenery.

When we reached the beach, weather was very pleasant with slight drizzle and not much crowded. The shore was mesmerizingly serene and beautiful and sent our time gazing the shore line and the vast ocean in the front.

One can easily send 2 or 3 hours here. The only drawback is that you may not find a neat restaurant nearby and all were road side eateries.

After sending few hours, we returned to the jetty around 2:30 PM for our return journey to Port Blair. We found the sea rough is the afternoon and the jerk in the ship was much more than the morning. The cruise reached Port Blair around 6:00 PM in the evening. It was a quite tiring day and did not get out of our Room once we reached the hotel.

If you wish to experience travel by Ship, then would suggest taking up this travel, preferably ‘Green Ocean’ as you can move around in the open in the ship deck. Since it’s a short trip of about 2 hours, you might relish the travel by ship. It's stated the other cruise is made of more of fibre glass, while 'Green ocean' is more of ship like construct and hence more rugged for rough seas

Day 3: We had booked a cab to Wandoor beach. This is about 30 KM from Port Blair city, once we crossed 15 km, the roads were narrow, deserted with greenery all around. The cab driver spotted few pounds and indicated they were created during Tsunami in 2004 and we reached Wandoor beach in about an hour’s time. Though the shore line was small, we could see the beauty after nature in front of us. The beach was quite clean and to our mesmerizing eyes, we were able to spot 12~15 inhabited islands which further enhanced the beauty.

The weather was also pleasant and hence was able to spend close to 2 hours. Started our return journey to Port Blair by afternoon. Weather was nice and cool and once we retired to room after our lunch, it was difficult to get out from the bed.

I had to push my family and based on review we decide to go to Samudrika Museum. This is maintained by Navy and though it was not huge, it worth the visit. One would come to know the history of Andaman, the people particularly the tribal people in Andaman & the flora and fauna particularly the sea life. It has good collection of amazing fish varieties, shell collections and sea weeds.

One can spend about an hour and later took an auto to Aberdeen jetty. As it was low tide time, we could spot star fish, army of unique fish varieties, sea weeds on the artificial lake formation due low tide.

Day 4: As we had flight scheduled by 3:00 PM, we planned to go to Cellular jail in the morning. This place is quite near to Sun Sea resort and hence took an auto. It’s worth a visit to know about Indian freedom fighter and early days of Andaman.

Post lunch left to Airport for our travel back to Chennai.
One point is that, one can customize his trip accordingly one choice based on the number of days one can spend at Port Blair and their interest.

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