International Project Management day.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Till, Nov 5th I was not aware of this. However, on Nov 5th I received few mails congratulating the project management community. At last I felt, there is some recognition for PM and also I believe the project management has evolved more in the last few years.

Success and failure of the project is associated with PM. I always call PM as "Virual Entreprenuer', just like an entreprenuer he has to have a bird eye view on project and also make sure he control activities within the defined project boundaries. In case of project acheiving desirable results in term of profits you might find few congratulatory emails/awards, but if it results in negative margin, he would be called into many meetings for explanation and he has to fight to have the project going.

Keeping project in control is always dicey and at times lot of fire fighting needs to be performed which the project team is unaware. Lot of times, he has to take quick decision, when decision goes right he might not be questioned but on the other hand, he may have a answer the stake holders if the decision goes wrong, this has the similarity with the entreprenuer, in case of wrong decision, he would be questioned by 'shareholder' who are offcourse the stake holders in the company.

Anyways, I enjoy being a project manager, provided if I am given a free hand to run the project on my own like an entreprenuer.

My Best wishes to fellow project managers!!!!

Found this article on Project managment interesting to read (click on the link)

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