Finally, its Compaq CQ61-312TU

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


After working for more then 4 years, when my personal Laptop (Dell inspiron 600 series) gave up in Oct 2009, I knew I had a difficult task in my hand to identify and purchase a Laptop at Chennai. I had purchased my previous Dell laptop when I was in the US about 4.5 years back, more importantly, I did not face much problem with Dell laptop in its 4 years of operation. I did have a virus attack once to my Dell Laptop and I did not want to take it to 'so called' Laptop service people as it would finally end up in formating it, I had struggled for about 2 weekend and finally had the virus removed through a free online virus removal software, which worked in simple DOS mode.

Which brand to choose?

This time, I was looking for a brand which I some service centre at my metro - Chennai. I believe, this being the case only Compaq and HP, really qualified to me. Well, Laptop are always a challenge to get serviced and on top of it might get pretty expensive to get it serviced.

Features and OS :
To my surprise now, I found most of the Laptop had only DOS version and if I had to go for Windows Vista (heard window XP OS is not being released these days) and windows 7, it had to be purchased at extra price. Very few came with pre-installed OS of Windows Vista or Windows 7.

This made the most of the deal pretty expensive and I was looking for a possible printer add on. Added to this, Core 2 duo processors are expensive and hence decided for Intel dual core processor. One more imformation, I received is that LED displays have become quite common in the last six months.

Retailer: The next major challenge is to find a good retailer, I did visit few computer brand dealer /retailers and when I did allow them to talk of the product I found them wanting in their knowledge and also they were trying to sell the Laptop, which was available in stock.

Finally, I narrowed down on CQ61-312TU, the attractive feature was that it came with pre-installed Windows 7 Home premium along with large 15.9 inch LED display with Intel dual core processor along with Carry case at an attractive net price of 34K-INR.

Added to this, I also got basic inkjet printer free along with Laptop as offer and deal was through Modern Computers, to me they looked reliable. The LED display looks bright compared to LCD display and clarity of the image is also good and finally I felt the mission accomplished.

Now, it time to look at its performance as it is put to operation by me and by my family......

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