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Monday, December 28, 2009

A new year has blossomed .... and as we progress towards end of this decade, I was wondering how different the world had become technologically now when compared to previous decade, the years prior to 2000.

Year 2000, was supposed to have major issues around the year format in the computer system used across the globe - the Y2K problem, no one is sure whether there was any major breakdown or disaster due to Y2K problem. Indian IT services provider and Indian were looked upon to fix this problem and I believe this was the starting point for the Indian IT services industry.

Mainframe & client server technology was proven and almost all fortune companies where using the technology and by year 2000, corporates started feeling impact of internet. Fax messages where replaced by email messages in the corporate, and people who were innovative started thinking as how internet can be put to effective use."Google" was a baby and totally unheard, and nobody would have ever dreamt that Google would become a house hold name in less than a decade. Search engine and Google has almost become a synonym in about 2 to 3 years time.

The way people perceived internet in year 2000 is totally different now. Internet has totally changed the world of doing business and I don't think a business can survive without usage of internet today. From a centralized model of operating businesss, now the business model is moving towards a distributed or a virtual office model, the next decade might see virtual offices, meaning one might not be really present physically in office but still the task assigned or scheduled to him needs to be completed on the specified time. One may not see big swanky office complex as seen today.

Any device or tools which assists in distributed model of business might see good results, lets wait & wait how these prediction goes and how 2020 blossom ............................................

Wishing all a very happy and prosperous New year.

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