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Sunday, June 6, 2010

As a school going kid in 1970~80's in city I never dreamt, one day, I need to buy water by paying cash. The independent houses those days had well or a bore well water were available in less than 30 feet depth. With population explosion, wells dried up and so even the bore well, people were at look out for alternative which led to water tanker business initiative by some enterprising people.

Take a look at this video clipping.

Frightening is isn't it?, though we might not be fish, we can't live without water for more than a day!. Pure water & Pure air are the real assets.

Need for water in metro increased by leaps and bound due mushrooming of apartment in later 1990's & 2000's and now, most of the apartments are dependent on water tanker for even normal usage like bathing, washing. Each one of us has social responsibility to conserve water, its beyond one imagination as what would be situation to our children or grand children in 20 years from now as already the water tanker are fetching water 20 km from suburbs of the city. With city boundary itself growing with more exploitation of ground water, do the water feeds go beyond 50 KM from city in the years to come?. Surprisingly, most of us think about creating materialistic assets for future generation and but unfortunately, we seem to neglect water conservation.

Apart from water, we are responsible for polluting the environment. As per state pollution control boards, the air pollution is beyond the reasonable means, particularly CO in the central business districts of most of the Indian cities. The main reason is CO emission from vehicles.

Conserve: Water and Petroleum needs to be conserved by all possible means. I meant petroleum, as it main cause for air pollution. For petroleum, every one thinks about using bicycle, bus or car pooling to office. The new concept, which is catching up in the IT sector is 'WFH' - work from home. With Internet, communication becoming cheaper and faster these days, IT sector people has the option to 'work from home'. With IT sector employer, who now adays play important role in corporate social responsibility need to look at the option and promote 'work from home' culture effectively for its employee. This will go a long way for employees to avoid using vehicles to reach office, thereby reduce pollution and save foreign exchange drain for India as well.

Similarly, water, which need to be considered precious apart from conserving, it is one which can recycled. One can think of using bath, kitchen outlet water to gardens, this would be the simple and most effective to "Go-Green". I also believe conserving water is quite common sense. Countries like Dubai, Singapore still prosper without much of natural resource. Monsoon rain in cities like Mumbai and Chennai pours and streets get mostly flooded, but unfortunately rain water on the street get drained into the sea.... whom to blame and a thought to ponder over?. If there not a effective water to store it?

The next paramount issue is, pollution emission from petroleum vehicles, there are also indication petroleum product will get totally depleted in 20~30 years, is there an alternative?. I believe, both problems can be effectively addressed through solar energy, when solar power panel can be put use for generating electricity the same can be used for electric vehicles as well. India does have its own manufacturer electric car in form of 'Reva', interestingly Mahindra have invested recently in Reva Electric Car Co Ltd., we need to see more such initiate from auto manufacturers towards discovery of such environment friendly vehicles. India is fortunate enough to have sunshine all through the year and some how, I feel we sometime keep missing the opportunity to effectively harness solar energy .

I believe an individual role in conservation, recycle or discover of the previous assets I had mentioned is very limited, it has to be an united movement from the society for result. Our forefather showed the direction for unity like 'Quit India movement' or 'Be Indian, Buy Indian'. Similar movement has to happen toward preserving these assets, before its becomes too late.

The initiative for this post is blogadda contest drive on conserve, recycle, discover towards world environment day on June 5 in partnership with Pring00

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