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Friday, January 28, 2011

Some events in life causes emotion, the feeling depends on individual personality. Being an Indian the emotional bondings are much more.

Hmm... do you think why say so?, otherwise, Indian film industry like Bollywood, Tollywood, Kolliwood would not have survived, there has always been a song sequence linked to emotion, whether its Love/Hate or Elation/Sadness or Anger/Sympathy? .

Leave alone film, looks at India social environment not a single day passes without these emotions being expressed or played by politicians or cricket match featuring India, you will find all the ingredients of the emotion expressed. India is a land with a bundle of contradictions and each one are bound to ignite strongly opposite emotions at times. Its not just one moment, I had many such mixed and opposite emotions in just as a flash.

Till about late 90's India was considered as poor and developing country, the western world was ever green and it for the land of opportunities, not any more now. In the last few year, there was so much talks about India, across the world India is considered as 'economic power house', 'India arrived', 'India and China are the future" and further term such as 'BRIC' (referring to Brazil, Russia, India and China) were coined to refer higher future growth countries and India is considered as land of opportunities, I get elated, when ever I hear these comments.

In early 90's India's economy was at doldrums, there was much talk about 'balance of payment crisis' with IMF on which India had to pledge gold to bail out, in less than a decade the situation changed and Iam quite happy for the economic policy maker who had vision, to bring in the desired changes and the results. However, as I get elated, some events happens the very next moment used to bring sadness,

* When at home or office, a sudden power cut. No clean drinking water on tap, hmm.. when we get into a developed country we just drink directly from tap.
* When driving or walking, road rage by auto wallah and two wheeler driving as those they do not have tomorrow without following road rules. There is really no empathy to others while driving, with each one think road is his own.
* The amount of scam, corruption, un-accounted money stacked outside India as reported in news paper.
* uncleared garbage on the road.
* Road accidents, pot holed road, road being dug the very next day by some agency after relaying.
* On one side you have few Indians featuring as top riches in the world having expensive home on the other side of the road you have poorest almost living on the platforms.

Hmm... the list is endless, as we keep counting and celebrating our independence and republic days.

Oh yea... when I wrote last sentence about independence day or republic day, a flash came to my mind.

A short one about anger and sympathy fight I had few days before during the republic day. I was driving toward beach, being a holiday could see lot of traffic near the signal beach I saw a little girl not more that 10 years selling Indian flag in the signal, she was tapping the glass of each car and showing the flag, and indicating that it cost Rs 20/-

As the time passed by, as I was about to get my signal clearance and bang.. she was right in front of my car, I was quite angry, that if she did not move I would loose the signal and have to wait another 5 minutes at the signal, I kept honking as my mind was desperate to get past the signal. But, as I got past the signal her weeping face flashed in my mind, as no one was purchasing .... What a pity ? she had to sell Indian flag in a signal for her livelihood, my anger turned into sympathy. Should I go back and provide some money my mind asked again.... My second thought said are you crazy?... can you ever think of doing it in this mad traffic crowd?

India is a country which teaches family values, love and affection. Interestingly, a casual kiss or a hug to show love to loved one is offensive at a public place , while even attending to a nature's call or spitting at public place is not offensive, hmmm.. I hate this, again as I said India is a land of contradictions.

Watch this video of Dr Abdul Kalam at European union, I sure you would be proud and happy to be Indian.

Lee Kuan Yew wan changed Singapore from an underdeveloped colonial outpost with no natural resource to an Asian tiger and a paradise in less than 25 years, where is our Lee Kuan Yew?

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