Into my third year of blogging.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I just completed my second anniversary in blogging. My first post was on 20th Jan 2009 and thought of an introspection as what I have achieved out of blogging.

My total posting crossed more than 100, page view of approx 10,000. The page view in the last one month was in the range of 3000. Hmm, that was a sudden spurt, well this was mainly due to some articles such as "GDP Vs inflation" and "Petrol price increase" and interestingly within two weeks both the post became top visited post.

I started blogging just out of passion with a thought, that I should do some kind of interpretation and analysis of information available on business, entreprenuership, IT, Economy,reviews and I believe, I kept up to my own initial expectation. Recently had added product/ book reviews & social cause to avoid monotony and the acceptance from readers was good.

I had made good blogging friends and had an opportunity to appear on a TV talk show organized indiblogger, my family was thrilled to see me on TV. Hmmm, I appeared on TV, had telephone calls flying across to my family member and friends (contribution by my wife) and atleast she started believing in my blogging passion.

Some of my articles got posted on and and after putting effort in SEO, I now have google page rank of 2.

In all was quite happy with my performance as a blogger in the last two years, considering the time constraint any one has for blogging and can proudly say, it was my passion which took me to this stage. Look forward to continue by passion.

Finally, thanks to readers and please do keep visiting

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