Assembly OR Parliament .... Do we know the candidate's background?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being a weekend was a beach, as I stroll past a group of senior citizen the discussion was around the politics, the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s political scenario was flashing through their speech. The talk was about how simple the politician those days and how they were all glued to All India Radio when election announcement were made.

I could hear discussion getting into the candidates in fray for election in that particular assembly, each one commenting about the candidate on his own knowledge his \her age, business, assets and what he has done and so on...

To be very frank, if any one asks me about the back ground of the candidate in fray in my assembly segment, I would not know. Well, how do I? They were all selected by their party’s high command. But then the question ultimately is, we, the people select candidate for particular assembly segment. Yes, popular promises are made by candidate, however the candidate ability or approach are important if these promises are to turned into reality, this is where I believe candidate background would play an important role.

This assembly election at Tamil Nadu was different, there were stringent condition imposed by Election Commission which made common man happier. At same time, I understand while making nomination some background details are provided by candidate. I feel these background details, should be published in election commission web site and displayed in voting booth as well, so that the common man is aware of the candidate background.

A person’s background is checked before he is recruited by corporate. This being the case, the background of the candidate who is aspiring to be a people representative should have his background checked or at least his background related to education, yearly earning, police verification and records, asset and liabilities details along with salary offered and perks provided can be published, so that common man is kept well informed about his or potential representative.

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