Six Sigma : A PM's prespective

Friday, April 29, 2011

Some time back, I had a opportunity to present to my peers in the organization about Six - Sigma, based on my knowledge.

Many of you might be aware that large manufacturing companies do follow the six sigma methodologies towards continuous improvement of their operation. These companies use six sigma methodologies for executing their project.

If you are hearing about Six sigma quality initiative for the first time, then probably my presentation might useful to know what is six-sigma in brief from a project manager's prespective, I have also made an attempt to compare Six sigma with PMBOK (Project Management body of knowledge). Hope its interesting...

I found a business week article published some time back that interested me. I always thought that one cannot follow six sigma blindly, statistical methods are important, so is creativity and making judgment based on a situation after quicly analysing the facts.

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