Beauty called Life and Nature

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"What's real beauty ?", so if there is going to be a real beauty, it also mean there is going to be "not so" real beauty or temporary beauty or which cannot be beautiful as time progresses. Ideally, human being or even for that matter animals may look beautiful in prime, but loses out their charm as age catches up. So this would also spin of another question, which is permanent beauty?.

This means, a permanent beauty or real beauty is one which is not only beautiful now, but for generation together. Naturally, nature or wonders of the world comes to one mind for a real beauty.

For a second let's think, how our life would be,

  • If we do not get oxygen from tomorrow or if oxygen generation is rationed.

  • If there is sudden stoppage of water formation, meaning hydrogen combining with Oxygen to form H2O.

  • If earth takes a day off and does not rotate on its axis.

  • If plant, trees and vegetable stop growing or not available from tomorrow.

  • Sun loses it radiation characteristics.

If any one of the above happen's we might not be talking about beauty. Some time, I feel we human being take all the above gift or real beauty for granted without appreciating the forces which drive it and look upon temporary desire or beauty as a real beauty.....

Count on nature's blessing to you and I am sure you will feel the real beauty in your life and nature.

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