Oh!..Not again... Petrol price increase May 2012.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My previous post was about depreciation of INR against USD and pointed out that petroleum product prices are bound to increase if depreciation continues,
While posting, my previous post, one of the factor, which I thought would be in our favour was that, crude oil price per barrel was still hovering around 100 USD and not at its worst. At one point of time in 2008, the crude oil per barrel was around 147 USD. Hence, I thought it may take some more time before any kind of increase.

  Hmm… however was shocked and surprised that only petrol price was increased by 7.50 INR per litre. Interestingly, petrol is environmental friendly when compared to diesel.

Made an attempt to compare & compute estimated prices, by considering the international prices of barrel of crude oil in year 2008 and 2012, the actual exchange rate and inflation.

Going by my calculation, it seems like we are being over charged by about 14 Rs.

It was said the government has decentralized and do not control oil company and its prices. Hence, are we being overcharged, with profit motive?.

There could be another debate, that Indian government is looking for ways to decrease or remove the subsidy over period of time and subsidy is being reduced further now. But, then how are our neighbors like Pakistan and Srilanka are in position to provide petroleum product price at better rate compared to India and still survive !!?!!. The point to note here, is that both Pakistan and Srilankan currency (Rupee) is weeker when converted to Indian Rupee.

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