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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hinduism is one of the oldest religion in the world. Recently, started exploring  'Tirumantiram' by Tirumular written in Tamil. One of verse, I found  interesting at the start, which is very true as how any one get attracted to materialistic world,

    Marathai Maraithathu mamatha yanai
    marathin marainthathu mamatha yanai
    parathai maraithathu parmutharputham
    parathin marainthathu paramutharputhame.

A child looks at a toy elephant carved from wood. It sees only elephant and is not aware of the wood. A carpenter, on the other hand, looks at the quality of the wood and is not bothered about the carved creation. Like a child, we might be ignorant and aware only about outside attraction and materialistic needs and not aware of the lord who has manisfested the world. A saint or jnani on the other hand, sees only God in everything living or non living. He is not aware of the material world as we see it.

Hmmm... seems very true to me...

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