Cricket - Bidding Vs Betting

Saturday, May 25, 2013

According to web dictionary, meaning of bidding is an offer (often competitive) of setting a price one is willing to pay for something. A price offer is called a bid. The term may be used in context of auctions, stock exchange, card games, or real estate.

Meaning of betting - is the activity of predicting results and placing a wager on the outcome.

Last few days, Indian news is all about betting and spot fixing.

To me, bidding or auctioning and betting has a very thin line of difference and both are not right in cricket, as human is the subject of bidding or betting.

 In first place, sport or hobby start as passion and once a person starts playing for school, college, university, state or in a highest level to home country one would get patriotic about it. One cannot say the same after being auctioned for money… I meant, auctioned. Are the entities which win auction of player’s philanthropic or nonprofit organization? I think not. Like any business entity they might look at the return on investment or maximize resource utilization :-).

Interestingly, there is so much hype and cry for betting. But, unfortunately one did not see such opposition on player bidding for huge amount. Is it because bidding is legal, while betting is illegal?. Also, read an article in a news paper about FICCI is seeking to make betting legal.

To me, as I said, auctioning or betting should not be allowed when human is the subject of bidding or betting. Once, auctioning or betting happens it could get extended into spot fixing or any other forms of fixing.

Let team sport like cricket be made to remain as gentleman game, played with passion and patriotism and not reduced to action film played as per predefined scripts.

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