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Friday, June 7, 2013

This is my 5th year in blogging and had been associated with indiblogger since 2009~10.However, had never attended an indiblogger meet, each time had been pre-occupied with some engagement which was either personal or professional.

This time, when I received the email about the 'Ambi pur' blog meet, I immediately registered for the same and wanted to attend it, though it was on Sunday afternoon which would require me to sacrifice my Sunday afternoon nap.

Based on indiblogger email, being a blogger, writing on mainly business and review topics, some thoughts kept flashing in my minds. The meet is organized at Hotel Hayat and lunch is to be provided to close to 250 bloggers plus incurring other expenses. Oh.. so much......., does it mean blogging community have really become a force to reckon with? Similar to product launch press meet, which are normally done by corporates!!??!. Hmm… happy to be part of this journey.

Finally the D - day arrived : Sunday - May 26th noon.

Started from home around 12:40, due to metro rail constructions, the Annasalai now has so many deviations. Thank god, being a Sunday was able to drive through quite easily and reached hotel around 1:10PM and had the valet parking slip provided by security.

As I entered hall, was pleasantly surprised to note arrangement and ambiance made in professional way. The seating logistics was nice and the registration process was seamless as we moved in. I scanned around the packed hall, it was interesting to note, majority of them present should be in the age group of 20~30 year. This is a clear indication, that blogging is still young man's forte and growing in India. In developed economies, the newspaper industry is in doldrums the reason attributed was information available in web and blogging. Will this, percolate to Indian market as well?. May be yes, as years pass by when bloggers become more mature and readers gets interested in quality of information presented, blogging will naturally grow and mature. Looks like, we are already having the indication of blogging growing with each passing year.

Coming to the blogger meet, we did have some interactive session and got to know more about some of the bloggers through "30 secs of fame” on which I did have an opportunity to present myself. This was followed by Lunch, which was sumptuous with very good spread.

Post lunch had a presentation by sponsor - Ambi pur, some part of presentation was technical with chemical structure. However, I got to know that Ambi pur neutralizes the bad odor and thereby eliminates odor completely, where as normal perfumes does not neutralize bad odor and hence, as long as perfume is strong (few minutes), the perfumes smell just overrules bad odor and after some time bad odor wins again.

The first thing, I did post the meeting is test up Ambi pur car fragrance. In last 10 days or or so, my every drive in the car had been refreshing and pleasant. Further, compared to regular or old model Ambi pur the new one easily fixes A/C vent grill and able to remove it if not required, particularly if you are leaving the car for service or any other time, when you wish to have the Ambi pur removed. Also, unlike the earlier once, the liquid comes is sealed pack, so that it does not spill over easily – full marks from design improvement perspective compared to earlier one.

Another 2~ 3 weeks is still left to finally certify the product as a blogger :-), as Ambipur had claimed that the fragrance will last for about 30 days and so far it has been performing well.
At the end of the meet, happy to note, the blogging community is becoming a force to reckon with, as product companies are now are ready to sponsor such event for bloggers.

Thanks to Indiblogger team for all your efforts towards the blogging community and happy to be part of it. Need to have such meet more frequently.....Good-luck and hope we find more sponsors for such meets......

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