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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Some time back, I read this article, spiritual health, a nice short article. I personally feel materialistic world has taken the world by storm, which made people lose focus. However, I keep wondering there are places in India which keep spirituality and heritage live.

Many of the spiritual temples do not have date associated with it. Shiva ‘s pancha bootha stalas does not require any introduction. Apart from Panchabotha stala, felt some of the Shiva temples are so very divine and peaceful.

Kailasanathar temple, Kanchipuram: This is in outskirt of Kanchipuram (approx 80 Kms from Chennai) and currently maintained by Archeological department of India. This Shiva temple is believed to be one among the oldest temple ( more than 1000 years).

This temple withstood time in its pristine form and believed to be built through sand ('pittu man'). There is a tunnel around the Shiva Lingam (god), which is symbolic representation of Birth (crawl to get in), adulthood (walk) and finally death(crawl again). Interesting it also mean only before birth and after death one might be spiritually aligned \ view god and during living time the materialistic world (called Maya) might make us forget or not remember about god and seek pleasure in materialistic comfort. It is also believed by going around the tunnel would reduce number of re-birth.

Brahmapureshwarar temple, Trichy: It's an ancient temple near Tiruchi (approx 40 km), Tamil Nadu. It is believed Brahma (Hindu god for creation) did 'tapas' by installing 12 Shiva idols million and millions of years ago due to curse from Shiva due to ego and finally got liberated from curse.

This is one of the very few temples, which has Brahma idol prominently. It is believed since almighty Brahma's destiny got changed, any one who visit this temple would have their destiny changed, positively. Jeeva Samadhi of Pathanjali Maharishi is said to be here. Pathanjali is said to guru or father of Yoga and he is believed to be incarnation of almighty god - Narayanan. Much easier to reach by car, if you are traveling from Tiruchi to Chennai by car, its worth a visit (about 4 km from main highway) and one can spend about few hours. Some of the temple gopuram is believed to be constructed 100's of years ago.

Suruthapalli (near Chennai): Its is believed 'Pradosham' time started from here. Nice temple in outskirts of Chennai. This temple is believed to be constructed in 14th Century. The temple 'Stala' history is very interesting. In Satya Yuga (millions of years ago), during churning of 'Par' Kadal, the churning rope (snake) vomit poison.

The Devas and Asuras becomes jittery on seeing this and make an earnest appeal to Lord Shiva to save them, as the poison could destroy all living being in Universe. Lord Shiva consumes the poison and save all living being in the universe.

Further it is believed Lord Shiva feels dizzy due to consumption of poison and is said to have taken rest on lap of goddess Parvati at Suruthapalli for some time on his way back to his abode in Kailash. Hence, Lord Siva in this temple is in unique reclining posture. There is also 'Valmiki Lingashwarar' and 'Rama Lingashwarar', which is believed to be worshiped by Valmiki Muni and Lord Rama respectively.

Though, the temple is believed to be built in 14th Century, there is no date associated with main deity - Pallikondeswarar (Lord Shiva) in this temple. Very calm and serene temple in outskirt of Chennai.

Other unique temples with spiritual divinity I could associate are Kumbeshwarar Temple at Kumbakonam, Tanjore Brahadeshwarar. Heard about Darasuram near Tanjore and Gangai konda Cholapuram, which are on list of temples to visited soon, looking forwards to such visit.

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