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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hinduism is one amongst the oldest region in earth. None is able to say when and how the religion started.

As per Hindu mythology there are four yugas' namely Satyayuga (golden age), Tretha yuga(silver age), Dwapura Yuga(bronze age) and currently we are in Kaliyuga(Iron age).Each of these yuga are said be millions of years each. This is an indication, as who old is the religion. I had earlier written a post on Hinduism.

In previous yuga, Rishis performed meditation or tapas for very long time to get their prayers answered. However in this Kaliyuga due to various distractions, it is stated, if one is true, pious  and perform even short prayer or thinks about god sincerely, they are bound to get blessing from god.

This universe is millions of years old, whereas of our life span is so very short. In this yuga, we as human being run behind materialistic comfort, we at times feel having materialistic comfort and achieving what we think can bring us happiness. This may not be really so, if focus is only on getting materialistic comfort then, I believe we could complicate our life and thereby become unhappy, as focus is towards materialistic acquisition. In this uncertain world it’s difficult to predict what would happen the next moment.

Here, I would like to bring forward the famous Bhagavat Gita quote,

(The above, Bhagavat Gita quotes, the reality of life in this earth, I keep getting reminded about this, when things do not go as I wish)

The mind is source of one's action. Once deed will be based on what is sowed in mind over a period of time. However, some time, unpredictable events do happen. When unpredictable happens and if its negative there is always a question of 'why me’? . Many times, we do not have answer for many questions in life. We could have some solace in prayers and spirituality. Even, when things happens as per expectation, I would not like to forget that life is journey and attribute success to blessing of god or having my prayers been answered.

I read an article in newpaper on spiritual health., sharing the same in this blog post

Well, is prayer meant only for asking something always?. I believe not, it is for expressing my gratitude to god, also to guide me in this life and even beyond it, 

  • Expressing my gratitude for what I am today and what I have accomplished till now in life.
  • For being born to right parents, whom I have not asked or cannot ask.
  • Guiding and providing right family. Also being in contact with right people at right point of time.
  • There are millions of homeless people, but being provided with a home.
  • There are millions of people go without food on daily basis. While thankful for the meal, I receive every day.
  • Finally, having guided so far, I am thankful to almighty and believe they would guide me for rest of life.

We are made up of body and soul, while body is temporary the soul is said to be permanent and hence pray to him, so that I am guided all through this life journey and beyond this life as well.

Being a festive season, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous Deepavali. On Deepavali day, we do perform Kedareshwarar vrata which is prayer towards lord Shiva, Parvati and Lakshmi to provide us with good health, wealth and overcome all our sorrow. The prayer starts with Ganesh pooja. This time planning to get 'Sampoorna Lakshmi poja kit.' This pooja pack is said to contain  all basic materials required for the pooja as mentioned in the Skanda Purana. There is also CD with  Shree Vinayak Ashtottarashata Naamaavali.

To know more about ‘Sompoorna Lakshmi pooja kit’ click here.

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