LPG - Subsidy direct transfer.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

If you have LPG connection from BP, IOC or HP then you are supposed to have Aadhaar and Bank account linked to your LPG connection to get difference in subsidy amount. It looks simple isn't it.
Once this scheme or process was announced few months back, my wife was after me to get this done. Due to lazyness and more importantly, the complexity in execution involved (well it's my thought), I kept postponing it thinking it could this scheme might be postponed.

It is said in Chennai alone there are about 60 lakhs customers who are suppose to receive subsidy money transferred to their bank account. This requires mammoth effort to have the data entered in the appropriate systems at multiple ends. At-least 4 or 5 parameters are critical: the gas agency with city, Aadhaar number, Gas number, Bank and Account Number. Hence, naturally any data entry error can pose a higher challenges or even wrong pay out to account. Further there are going to multiple human touch point or different agency, can create confusion, particularly if pay out does not happen to one's account it could just be difficult to find out as what went wrong. 

On top of this being a continuous execution, would require high costing resources to be in place to function without a hitch. Hence, to me, the combined cost of having this new system, including subsidy pay out might turn out higher then the current system. Though the intention of the government is good that subsidy needs to reach directly its citizen, but sheer volume and different systems in place might cause a nightmare in its implementation 

Now, did I register?.

Yes, first registered my Adhaar card with the online bank site and then linked my Aadhaar through https://rasf.uidai.gov.in/seeding/User/ResidentSplash.aspx. Though had registered about few weeks before but still awaiting confirmation.

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