Ramayana - The Game of Life by Shubha Vilas

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It has always been my wish to read the greatest ancient epic history, particularly Ramyana and Bhagawat Gita. Ramayana which is said to have happened in Tretha yuga about million years ago and Bhagawat gita in Dwapara Yuga about 5000 years ago. I believe reading them completely requires patience, dedication and a passion. In this Kaliyuga, we are driven and pulled across by so many forces towards survival of fittest and more particularly to satisfy materialistic needs. This being the case, one may find it difficult to read and accept this epic facts and happenings.

By chance, I had a opportunity to read a part of Ramayana written by Shubha Vilas called “The Game of Life”. This book covers just a small portion of Ramayana, the author’s narration and particularly notes at the bottom of each page make reading interesting. Even though this part 2 book covers a portion of Ramayana, I understood some of the interesting facts behind Ramayana. Like, ancestor of Ravana, relationship between Ravana and Kubera and the ease with which Rama is able to handle the happening around him.

These writing teaches us to be humble and content, but then modern day happening are very different, with so many attraction and distractions, one can get easily lost in pursuit of acquiring material comfort.

Sometimes, there can be questions that these are stories and has it really happened? That too million of years ago. I believe, this is where internet places a crucial role, not just one evidence, if one does a research in internet they are sure to get evidences of Ramayana at multiple location not just in India, but even out-side India.

In Electronics, there is a moore’s law which states the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years, I feel we can extend the concept to our modern day living. The number of appliances or gadgets in modern day house hold needs triples every decade. For example, about a decade back owning house, car, mobile phone, laptop, Washing machine, micro oven, TVs etc was an ultra luxury for people in age group of 20s or 30s. Not any more, all these appliances has become a need now and interestingly, as many of them has a shorter shelf life, new sophisticated model keep coming year after year and so is the pursuit to acquire more keeps growing. So naturally, when materialistic needs grow year by year without saying humility and being content could decrease.

Kaykeyi mind was corrupted by Manthara and she takes it granted about the expectation of Bharata. Unfortunately Bharatha expectation was different and as matter of fact, Kaykeyi lost so much due to this greed. One may have a goal or aim in life, that doesn’t mean if one achieves the goal it will always lead to success & happiness. Life is all about how one perceives the world is going to be, but the reality can be different.

Finally, even thought this book covers only a small part of Ramayana, the depth of coverage, the presentation and philosophical narration at the bottom makes the reading interesting. In all, a very good book to read and look forward for the author’s next release.

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