'Aadhaar' - The challenges ahead.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Read an article in a leading daily about Aadhaar card . To me, it looks like "Aadhaar"may hit a road block.

Apart from cost, which is estimated to be very high, I had other thoughts, when I went to 'Aadhar' centre for getting enrolled about a month back.

A. For each card, it took about 15 to 20 minutes per person to get all details & biometric captured in the system. If this is the case, imagine the amount of time / locations it would take to get 120 crores of population, further the article point out, that less than 10 crores had been enrolled so far, from the start date.

B. The support or maintenance cost of these system would be quite huge. Since biometrics image of 4 finger, thumb impression, retina images are being stored for each record, the database might run in Giga or even terra bytes.The maintenance of such system would require huge cost for servers, software/ database upgrade, issue fixes, application patches etc. The running cost may run into multiple crores of INR annually.

C. A common man might have enrolled for these identification namely, Voter Id, PAN, Passport. Except for biometric data, all other relevant data should be present already with corresponding government agencies. If this being the case, not sure why the same data cannot be cleansed and used (particulatly, if biometric data is not used). Majority of our population would have any one of the above identification, hence it would have been much easier for the UIDAI agency to focus on left out population.

In any case, I believe UIDAI might have answers for the above?.

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