Good bye, 2011... Welcome 2012.

Friday, December 30, 2011

As 2011 come to a close and a new year begins, wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

Looking back at 2011 from economic perspective, we have seen reports, that the world had not come out fully from recession and some even predicting a double dip recession. 'Gold' has out shined all other investments in the year. From about 1900 INR (22 carat) towards close of 2010, it had reached to about 2600 INR, a whopping 40% return on investment.

Had predicted and written in my blog in Sep 2010, that gold will continue to raise and the same happened. However, along with gold, the USD appreciated against INR towards close of 2010, the likely reason provided by experts is the slowing down of Indian economy in the last quarter of 2011. In spite of repeated raise in the interest rate by RBI, the inflation refused to come down, which can also be the possible cause of slowdown in the economy.

While developed countries real estate sector woes continued, I would say, India real estate market was able to sustain in 2011. However, I read an article about the challenges in Indian real estate sector and hence one need to see, which way it would go in 2012.

Indian automotive sector which had  been reporting increase in sales even during 2008-09 recession period had for the first time  reported a dip in the sales towards in last couple of months of 2011. So, would this be the indicator for Indian economy in 2012?.

Lastly, the Indian IT sector had been able to sustain its growth, though it did not have an exponential growth. The operating model might see a change in coming years. To me, the word onsite, offshore or near shore might disappear in few years time and the focus would be towards ' Cloud' computing.

Well, time is the answer..... For the moment lets be optimistic, welcome year 2012, which is my 4th year in blogging as well ....

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