Unleashing Genius - A review

Friday, December 23, 2011

To me, our Indian school education is more oriented towards testing memory power. No doubt, getting high marks in school is a significant achievement, but at times students and parents tend to overlook the importance of logical thinking or apt handling of situational problems, which arises from time to time . In this world, analysing and  handling situational problems effectively is  paramount towards successful living.

Unleashing Genius by Dilip Mukerjea is one such book for children which, I would say, particularly to the teenagers to put their brain to test and enhance its capabilities towards logical thinking

The book's opening chapters details out as how the brain functions and then takes you through various technique towards enhancing one’s mind power.

Technique like ‘Mind mapping’ would greatly help children to understand & remember any topic which they study. In Management, there is common used technique called Ishikawa or fish bone diagram, which is toward product design or quality defect prevention and I found ‘mind mapping’ technique similar to Ishikawa’s diagram.

I found details like 'reading dynamics' interesting, more particularly, the description and illustration on ‘A Learning miracle’, ‘ Recall during Learning’, ‘Recall after Learning’ can provide significant assistance to anyone who wish to learn new chapters or subject. This technique would be quite useful for examination preparation perspective as well.

The book also takes you through topics such as creativity, braintertainment – basically an entertainment to brain, Jokes & some memory exercises as well.

In all, quite a good book for children and good one to be included in school library. However, I felt pricing is on the higher side (INR 1195). Hence, to make it more attractive, I would suggest the author, to look at the feasibility of including  CD / DVD with voice and animation along with the book. This would make reading interactive, so that knowledge dissemination and the presentation flow is effective.

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